-= MonThLy StaTS For SutERaBloGGer=-

Hye It's me again.Sorry i didn't update this blog yesterday because got a lot of work to do.Nothing to write just want to share my traffic for this month even i know it is not that damn good(hahaha).

(17-23 January stats)

Hm...As you see the stats is increasing daily but on 23rd of January my traffic decreased.Wow it's sad.But it's ok because actually i learn something from this situation.The reason my traffic decreased is because normally i will update my blog 2 times in one day(one in the morning and another one at night) but on 23rd i cant update my blog.WHY???Because the internet was so slow!!!Thanx to the internet provider that give us a great internet connection OK!!!..

(Stats for 24th-30th January)

This is my stats for this week(excluding today) wah every Saturday my traffic will become like this.Actually the situation is the same.I didn't update anything yesterday because no idea and quite BZ!!!(ya lol i am a husband).Actually during this two weeks i am doing one research on my blog.What i have done :

1) I try to change my niche - it looks like a bit success.
2) Update >2 times a day - one of the factor to increase hits
3) Do blogwalking - hehe...like to do this
4) Go to blogger event - like Nuffnang movie or event,blogger gath(wah next week i will organize one)

The summary :

- For me i will update my blog everyday to provide fresh content so maybe can get new visitor everyday
- Read pattern of visiting time by using the analytic in nuffnang.Update your entry before your traffic up(before the time people visiting)
- Visit other blogs and leave your comments so people will go to your blog and leave comment
- Meet other blogger and exchange link and also share your experience blogging

p/s :
- Hope can increase my traffic by February.

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