-= HaPPy FirSt FrIdAy =-

Wah!!!At last i completed the search for "Digi Internet Pimp My Day".4 team members have been selected to go this competition.And the result was : 

(Vatos Locos will rock this event)

The event will be held on 9th of January 2009.So to all Vatos Locos members please be prepare to rock this party!!!We will win this event and beat other blogger man!!!I will send the submition tomorrow and hopefully we will go there with spirit.
But the important thing is Miss Hel pic(it seems like she wanna do some business there...)hahaha!!!.Sorry Miss Hel i have to take this one(pic) because you asked we to took it from your facebook(so i got your permission)...
To other Bloggers wish us luck for this event.Hope we can win.and bring back new laptop!!!


Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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