-= SheRlOcK HolMes =-

Everybody know about Sherlock Holmes.He's very intelligent.He can solves many cases.I don't know weather he is alive or just a lagend.But if Sherlock Holmes id real maybe today CSI will closed...

Just want to review a bit of chokia information about this movies.On 30th of December i went for a movie with my wifey(but it's not from Nuffnang...i pay ma!!!).I went to watch Sherlock Holmes in TGV One Utama(at first i wanna watch in GSC but.Full BOOKED!!!DEM!!!).So i arrived at OU at 5 pm(hoping that can get tickets at 7pm) but it was just a dream(FULL BOOKED).So have to book the tickets at 10.45 (next day have to work!!!).

As usual if the movie was late i went for shooping first(to make my wife fell good you know.if not the face will bocome like a sour mango.haha).And the best thing when we watched the movie is i slept while watching(AGAIN!!!Actually i was very tired that day).But dont worry i still can summarize this story..ahaha

(Sherlock Holmes with John Watson together they were great!!!)

In this movie Sherlock Holmes got a big case.He toghter with his partner Watson have to trace Satanist Lord Blackwood.Suppose he was dead but there was one tragedy that the undertaker saw his body walking(wow!!!Looks like Undertaked in WWE deathman walking).So while they're investigating about this case off course there will be many funny thins happened.

(Ooops this one is not naked pic ok!!!one of the funniest scene in SH)

 (Holmes is fighting.did he win...have to ask my wife...y???)

This is the movie that i think is a good combination between the actor.Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law can make us laugh because of their spontanious act and style.I cant tell you the detail because i also watched half way.So i am thinking to buy the DVD and watch it again because before i felt a sleep in the cinema i still watch it and most of the scene was humorous.So go and watch the movie.For me it's WOW!!!

Rating :
Rating - 4/5

p/s :
- how come i can slept in the cinema!!!OHhH DEM!!!
- Have to buy the DVD...if not i will not satisfied!!!
- Can't wait to watch "Paranormal Activity" because it's FREE...Nuffnang Movie ma!!!


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