It's OK for us if we feel tired after work.But it's NOT OK if we feel tired waiting for our meal to be delivered.Ok let think as an adult that have feeling inside our soul.If somebody ordered a meal and ask to deliver it to their house thats mean he is really2 :

1- LAZY or should i say TIRED after working 8 hours in the office
2- Really HUNGRY...IDIOT!!!

WHY i am so ANGRY with it.For your info as i am writing this entry the meal that i oredered since 6.50PM still havent reach my home yet.So i decided to order PizzaHut after this without canceling my order so that they know how HUNGRY i am right.Another things that really make me ANGRY :

- I called up more than 3 times but the anwer is still the same...
"Please wait sir our rider is on the way"
(Maybe on The way from Muar MocD i think.Damn IT)

- They said that we cancle our order
"We thought that you wanna cancel the order"
(What da hack...We were waiting for our meal)

And lastly we received this :
(You save our day maaannnn!!)

(My Feveret - Royal Masala)
PizzaHut Delivery only took less than 30 minutes.That's what we call delivery expert.So What do you want to say about that?Remember customer always right.
To MocDelivery sorry we didn't open our door and our heart to receive what you deliver.Next time please respect the customer rights.We order because we need it and because we were HUNGRY!!!please understand the concept.

 p/s :
- Do you think what did i have done to the MocDelivery was a right thing???
- What will you do if you're in my situation???
- Sorry i use cheap camera not NIKON deydeq

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