-= Celcom BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 =-

Wooohooo!!!I heard that Nuffnang was giving away Celcom BlackBerry Storm 9250..I am interested to hear that.So have to ask myself WHY i want this Celcom BlackBerry Storm 9250...After thinking and do research deeply inside my heart for almost two hour i found out the answer for the question...

I want this phone because:

1- Wow i like touch phone

I am currently using this China Iphone(don't laugh ha!!!).I like to try new technology even though it was made in China.Beside that i like blackberry tech and its features like wifi and social networking features.So if i won this phone i can online and update my blog anytime...anywhere...woohoo!!!

2- I need a new hand phone

It was so sad that my china phone condemn already(normal ma!!!cheap phone low quality).So i didn't have any handphone right now!!!So please give me this phone...So please nuffie give me the phone..huhu 


3- For a present to my wifey

Actually the one that really crazy about Blackberry is my lovely wife...She keep on asking me to buy her the Blackberry.So if i won this Blackberry i want to give her an anniversary present.So she will love me more then ever..haha...


So please give me the blackberry or else...You know la...ahaha...

why Celcom would be the best Storm-tastic place to get a BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 :

1- Celcom was one of the biggest telco provider in Malaysia 
That's mean Celcom got a big coverage and can provide users to use the service without any interuption(Is it fanning...no la it's real maaan!!!). I am one of their users so i know la!!!

2- Style "O" 
 My friend always said that using Blackberry will make you look Stylo(cool) and also if we are using Celcom POSTPAID it will make us look like a rich man.So as a young man(am i still young...hakhak...).So can you imagine if i use Blackberry combined with Celcom POSTPAID it's like WOW!!!And my friend will said "Orang Kaya Bean Moreno Style O..."

3- Celcom POSTPAID Features can support Blackberry Features...
With the wide coverage and also many feature like social network functions that Celcom provided we can enjoy it smoothly by using this Blackberry STORM 9250.If you don't believe it how about try to buy and use it.But for me i hope i can win this phone so that i can shoe to your guys how to use it.

p/s :
- So hopefully i can win this phone after writing a long entry..ahaha...pleaseeeeeee....
- And one more thing to Celcom Postpaid user get your 50% off on the purchase of a blackberry in CELCOM event!!!

(Click the commercial to know detail)

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