-= NuFFie MoVie TreAt =-

Hm...Who said that being a blogger in Nuffi community was a waste of time...Got small income(if in cooperation like small increament)...No benefit(work like a gardener...ahaha).Yesterday i received a call from Nuffie office and ask me to take the cash...What Cash???ahaha it is not about the ads but about the coverage that i have done for the KDU open day...WHEN???If u want to ask me this question... read this.I don't know how much it worth but maybe today i will attack Nuffie office to get may reward.Yeay!!!

And one more.How said being a nuffnanger is BORING!!!If you're thinking it is boring for me it's not.WHY???Because i always got movie treats from them.But the main thing is "Don't be LAZY!!!" ahaha.Today i checked my email and i got this :
(Click to enlarge)

Yeay!!!I got another invitation for movies screening!!!So i can save my money on cinema budget again this month...To other blogger that didn't receive any invitation please don't be jelous and please don't LAZY.


Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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