-= LiFe MuSt Go On =-

Time pass by.What do you feel if something that you think of and built for years then destroyed!!! not by you but other people that only knows how to use people???For example you build a condo then other company comes and destroy the condo.After that build another one take the opportunity to erase your name as the owner.And the thing that keep bothering you is the one that destroy your dream was one of your close partner in the business.DEM!!!

(Wah destroyed!!!)

It's fine with me because what it's me the one who organized the organization and i know how to deal with it.Another one thing that makes me feel alright is just because i have been warned earlier that all my sacrifices was nothing in the organization by the old timers(orang lama la...hahah) so what comes around will goes around.If they think that with the decision they can make me feel bad...sorry man because actually i have been thinking a way to get out from this mess a long time ago but with this decision i can say thank you because you dig me a hole that can makes me escape from my previous stupidity.WHY???Because it was my mistake to carry on this fight and i have sacrifice everything that i have...My family,my money and time...but it is ok!!!No hard feeling because past is past lets move on bro!!!

(Yeay!!!I am Free)

I have already feel satisfied with all that i achieve in the society.I got everything money,power and also name(excluding womens OK!!!wakaka).Before this also i fight for SKINHEAD ideology and finally kabooom!!!So that's mean all is nothing.Fighting for something that didnt give any benefit.I always think about other people feeling but do they think about me!!!Hell NO!!!

p/s :
- Now i am free like an eagle that fly high.After this please no more order leave me ALONE!!!(wah too emo this morning!!!) stop following my butts because i want to do whatever i like!!!
- Thanks for giving me an opportunity to escape this sutation.
- For whom that may concern (heheh like appointment letter..ahaha) thank you for giving me a chance,give ne some air to breath,and also give me way to show you the path.I really appriciate it.
- So with all the thing that happened I am NOT OK!!!!wakaka
Last but not least...

DTA - Don't Trust Anybody!!!


Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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