-= I LoVe NuFFnAnG =-

Good Night...Today was my tired day.Actually just got home from Nuffie office.WHY???To collect my reward lol.I went there at 6 pm and arrived at the Heritage House at 7.55(alamak miss my maghrib...owh no riak already...).WHAT reward???Read This & This...

(Nuffnang Office 1)

(Nuffnang Office 2)

Sorry because i am very tired so i can't post many pic in here.But just want to show what i have earn(haha no intention to show off just sharing ok...huhu)...

This is what they give me...

(Nuffnang envelop )

(Nuffnang envelop 2)

Wow!!!Got cash inside i tought that only a check but CASH ma!!!Thanx Nuffie...I got first place in the KDU Open Day Entry.Got another 2 winners.So Guys please take your reward you have work hard for this event.But if don't want the money just tell me and i will taje it on behalf of your guys!!!ahaha(am i greedy)

So who said that blogging is a waste of time.And who said that my entry is a low class entry.See the leg la!!!To other blogger please don't give up.Just trust your writing and your blog and you'll be succes in blogging.

p/s :
- Can't wait to watch Valentine's Day Movie because Swift is inside...ahaha...
- So can enjoy in the Mini Gath this weekend..Got money ma!!!
- I LOVE NUFFNANG(with a fanning intonation...)Hopefully after this Nuffnang will give advertorial...wakaka...

Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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