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Blogger Mini Gath Flyers

Tik Tok...Tik Tok...It's almost 2.45pm but no idea!!!Owh NO!!!But even my head was really empty now i still can design this simple e-flyers upon request from CikHel.We are organizing one small gath for this weekend.So any blogger that interested to attend this gath can comment this entry and confirm your attendence.Because we have to plan for the bowling and maybe riding boats...ahaha(is it possible).Remember this is not nuffnang event OK!!!so don't call RoB,Nicholas, or other nuffies...wakaka...

And another one thing don't comment this flyers.Complement is accepted but NO COMPLAINTS!!!wakaka(ya lol i am amature artwork ma!!!I am an IT consultant not designer...).

p/s :

- You can also do the confirmation in cikhel and melromeo blog!!!
- Just practice your bowling skills and also make sure your voice is OK!!!wakaka


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