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Now it's time for me to review another blog that i think interesting(for me...)ahaha.She was also the earliest that i met (only in the net) no dating2 yet...ahaha..Maybe some of you will ask WHY all the blogger that i met earlier were all girl(i am not flirting ok...).i don't know why...maybe when the time i started this blog the most active blogger were GIRLS so don't blame me ok...

Let me introduced - JengJengJeng...VIVI...

Blog Interface :

(Look at the blog title...wakaka...but she's cute)

Blog Owner : Vivi Melisa

(this girl very agro and violent so please beware...ahaha)

Vidadarisakura is actually her personal blog.She wrote about what she had done and also her imagination.But the thing that make her blog interesting is her language.She was from Sabah so off course she use Sabahan dialect.So before you read this blog make sure you can sing Stacy's song ok...if not you'll never understand(just joking)

"Kenapa bah ko berubah kenapa bah!!!"

If you look carefully her entry was very short but the thing that make her blog interesting to me maybe because she write something that really funny.Wow ko rock la bah...I always chat with her in YM and also facebook.If you didn't know her you might say like this...

"wah kerek seyh minah ni..."

Lets view some of the entry in this blog :

and also the latest entry :

So hopefully you will read her entry and have fun with it...

p/s :
- Bah aku nda kira ko marah itu ko punya pasal!!Aku mau jugak review sama ko punya blog...
- Kalau nda bersenam macam mana mau ***** bah!!!wakakak
- Bilak ko mau dating sama aku bah...huhu...kasi belanjak sama aku ka...


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