-= FeEl LiKe A RiCh MaN AfTer ReAdIng SPAM!!!=-

Haha...Today i feel good eventhough somebody were trying to make me feel "HOT!!!"...WHY???Because of my email SPAM...I feel really good after reading it...For example...

 (SPAM 1 )

He said i got package???So that's mean i can enter Akademi Fantasia this season...wakaka...You look at the SPAM mail...I pay USD200 then i will get USD800,000.If you offer this kind of money to Hussein Lampoya i think he will definitely "shut down!!!".

How about if you received a SPAM like this...

(SPAM 2)

What 10.5 millions!!!If get this amount of money...I will stop working...Go Holiday and stay in Switzerland(byebye Malaysia).And one more thing.If you wanna bank in to my account...Do you think that i will live in peaceful???15 minutes after you transfer to my account BPR(not BumiPutra Rockers OK!!),PJK,Bank Negara,AMN and maybe JKK also will come to my house you know..It is not easy here to transfer the money.Even >RM2500 also we have to pay tax to LHDN...The best thing is they want my biodata...wakaka

So to all of you beware of this SPAM.We don't know what they are up to...So DTA...

p/s :
- Thanx to the SPAMER that send me the emails because you make me feel happy when the time that i suppose to be mad like crazy!!!
- I got a lot of email like this today...Maybe they know that i am not in the good mood so they send me this SPAM to make me happy...
- Imagine if we got a lot of money........My time will come and it's near by the corner(not Devis Corner...)

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