Hello,how are you guys.Do you know as i stated in the title,There were thousands of blogger who get paid just by writing in their blog.Yes it is true.For example this blog.Many of us block our mind with a quite narrow thinking that blogging is a waste of time.A lot of people out there didn't know that we can earn not only money but also gadgets when we write something in our blog.

For me i have experience it and i already know that by writing simple review i can earn a lot of cash.Before this i just keep on thinking how can people make money with their blog until i met Kenny Sia.He teach me a lot and motivate me to write and write.Then i try to find a source where i can make money by my writing.

As i know,there were many ways for us to get us and earn cash by blog such as :

- Advertising method (Google adsense,Nuffnang,Advertlets,etc)
- Pay Per Post ( Blogadvertisingstore,Chitica,Payperpost)
- Link ads ( Link From Blog)

I have tried many of services that can make me earn some money.And for your information in Malaysia itself many blogger earn money just by writing review and anything that they like.For example if you like to write any review no matter for company,products, or even movies how about you give a try to do Pay Per Post method.With this method maybe we can earn $15/post. Even it is a lot but we still earn something.

To learn more about making money with blog you can read it here.And the important thing that you must know is blogging is not only about writing but you must always aware and also read any source (blogs,articles, newspaper,etc) to make your writing interesting and full with knowledge.It is because reading is another aspect of reading.Remember that. Share

Korang Mesti Nak Baca Gak

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